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    Alice Guy invented the director's job

    ( the very first woman to direct, produce, write, and act in a theatrical feature back in the early silent era), Alice Guy (a French film pioneer who invented the director's job), Alice  Guy alone came up with the concept of using film to tell a story rather than simply to record real life; surely this was so obvious a step that it occurred spontaneously to many who were there at cinema's creation.

    Alice Guy directed the premier narrative motion picture,

    Alice Guy premier cinema auteur

    Alice Guy not only directed the first narrative motion picture, but was the first to use close ups, (something usually attributed to D.W. Griffin), she was the first to film a motion picture in color. First is a word that remains synonymous with Alice Guy. She did the first film noir, the first gay themed film, she was the first to step out from behind the camera to direct actors, at the time all directors handled the camera themselves, and she made extensive use of wax cylinders to give many of her short films a sound track, in other words they were talkies before anyone had coined that term.

    Moving to America,Alice Guy ran the largest pre-Hollywood studio in the country. Over her lifetime Guy wrote and directed over six hundred films and yet this Grand Lady of cinema has been all but ignored. It is time that this wrong is righted and Alice Guy given her due as the pioneer among pioneers in film.

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    LinZhiJiang natural know in such a unique leisure place,Oakland Raiders Jerseys one of those so-called security should is negligible, but he also more clear, once he's at the heavy artillery, passion going, how will produce a sensation effects, but he's not willing to go to want to think more, more can't let go of a sweet colourful before and this woman to combat a naked, although he is also very want to in this beautiful woman, Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseysleaving a what, also want more to her two strong in the hills above enjoyed chew a mouthful, but reason but clearly told him, no, can't you can't.
    B: yes, he can't let the section of the comrades sell yourself short, no matter how, himself a leadership is finally well, even if it is a no real power steering committee of the secretary, but he thinks not against their most basic principles of being, that is not equal to their animals. In the three years of xiangjiang river time, he is holding on to own this principle, have been afraid to be moved.
    Are LinZhiJiang fancy, San Francisco 49ers Jerseysthe telephone rang. LinZhiJiang not from get a surprised, the telephone ring in such a narrow room, appear is particularly harsh to the ear. The telephone is the headquarters office from the LiuMei yuan. LinZhiJiang asked what things. In the telephone that, LiuMei yuan some hesitation, finally said, Lin secretary, where you are? I still wait you back, then report to you now.
    LinZhiJiang realized that the yuan is a little something LiuMei should, otherwise is to know a little what gossip,St. Louis Rams Jerseys otherwise she's not that kind of person imprison son likes to show off. LinZhiJiang officialdom gallop more than ten years, no help foster what, just developed a sort of everything the habit of caution, once meet what great things; he require office secretary must confronted him report, because he thought that, in the phone to talk, sometimes say that not clear and still not safe.
    Originally LinZhiJiang still hesitating whether to go problem, now all right, he can be completely don't have to consider these problems, so he took his hand and then go toward outside walk, even on the bed lay in the exposure of the beautiful girl, he unexpectedly can turn a blind eye, dizzy to bed girl in there is a one leng leng, befuddled not a clue what geography.
    Out of the deep waters of the hotel reception, LinZhiJiang is preparing to entered the hotel courtyard of the parking lot, suddenly behind came the sound of someone called him, he couldn't help stop, turn head a see just know is big bridge project department of xiangjiang river railway YanJieBin manager.
    "Secretary Lin,St. Louis Rams Jerseys how do you suddenly go? How will no longer play out?" In fact YanJieBin see this LinZhiJiang suddenly go, he's almost has a little silly, he really had no way to want, the headquarters of the leadership of the great concentration unexpectedly is so strong, but he feels now face the people, after all, or his immediate superior, so he wants to again how will chase out concern yourself of leadership, otherwise, how the whole die tomorrow was all don't know, so not faint?
    "Oh, is strict manager ah, also have no what, I makeshift headquarters there have something, I thought you were too busy to, so there is no and greet you." LinZhiJiang just lightly and YanJieBin said.
    LinZhiJiang now wide awake, he even have wonder YanJieBin and LiuZhiKun two people, arrange his to swim in the deep water, "could have what ulterior motives? Also good oneself of reason or still save, or going short pleasure, long lament.
    "Oh, you occupy ah, that line, I afraid is the inside of the service personnel let you not happy?" YanJieBin is also a tai chi's player, and he certainly clear, LinZhiJiang words of so-called occupy, is actually nothing, these have just one of his pretext.
    Of course YanJieBin can also understand LinZhiJiang mood, the somebody else as a big leadership how so carelessly, let you simply a girl to fix? !!!!! So YanJieBin also release however, soon to LinZhiJiang friendly to hand, and LinZhiJiang shook it, then the department of LinZhiJiang came to thank guidance, and also review the just of that a bridge pier offset problem, and bear the responsibility.
    Of course he's smart, he and no responsibility to push to take off again and again, he just always put the responsibility to yourself LAN, anyway, hear the words in his mouth, is always review ah, he has the responsibility to is what of, this is he on the officialdom standard modus operandi, like this without DuoDa things of live, that is about to task responsibility, but as long as it is involved person casualties and so on the words like, that is about to try to clear responsibility now, because he is less likely to suggest heavy or weigh in hand clearly.
    Since the somebody else YanJieBin can be bear error, so LinZhiJiang is bad also to say what, finally to YanJieBin leave 1, then, I'll go back to work, and here the pier migration technology analysis report out again. LinZhiJiang with these words, they and the driver said,, after get in, and soon we also drove off.
    In the deep water back to headquarters is located hotel here NiuZhuang elementary school, is a little far, drive estimated to 30 minutes or so fastest, kubesh j t after car, they rely on in the back seat of the armchairs catnap for a while, he now needs a good comb your emotions, he did not think of this just inadvertently to this big bridge projects department to see xiangjiang river, can see such a big thing out, is really makes him a bit depressed home la la la la la la...
    Also don't know how long, he is still in catnap of ear hears someone called: "Lin secretary, to......"
    LinZhiJiang hear voices, open your eyes see it is the driver of JinYun headquarters Abram, know it is has come to command, but also in hesitate how so quick, he is already wide awake, and also quickly sat up.
    After a while, LinZhiJiang into office, a bottom to sit on the office chair, the in the mind still wondering just YanJieBin said. The more feel wrong thinking, has the pier offset what there was another insider become? Anyway LinZhiJiang is YanJieBin just talk of the expressions feel a little strange, especially to our more time to play when it is to appear more meaningful. LinZhiJiang ponder to hone to more of a word YanJieBin think that HuaLiYouHua, seems to be tempted themselves, are they not how the girl and be sorry? ......
    Are the ideas, headquarters office secretary LiuMei yuan walk to come in, and LinZhiJiang said: "Lin secretary of provincial capital, just ten thousand, vice secretary of party group company HuangJia keep called, let you give him back to a phone call."
    Of course LiuMei yuan to come here not only LinZhiJiang and this thing, she is also through her in the provincial capital ten thousand party group company's uncle, the group company HuangChunXu planning department minister know there, ten thousand party engineering company will soon be big range personnel changes, she has been the headquarters of the secretary to be good, so she'll want to tell LinZhiJiang in the first time, that he has a psychological preparation.
    "Lin, I heard that ten thousand party secretary of engineering company recently for a period of time will have action, do you want to have some ready?" LiuMei yuan and also for the first time and LinZhiJiang said this sensitive topic, to be honest, she didn't really know how to communicate with him such a topic.
    How much more will she and LinZhiJiang relationship, and no iron that can discuss personal future side of things. In other words, is the relationship between them, has not advanced to the point that what confidante. So she can only choose carefully and the way and LinZhiJiang dialogue.
    When LinZhiJiang heard LiuMei yuan will suddenly and this brought about personnel of sensitive topic, his heart that shocked degree is not small, even is starting to worry about the trend of the future.
    So, LinZhiJiang also will no longer taboo what, just say no to local say: "that you know what the specific content?..." But like so ask your subordinates the personnel issues, for him, for the first time, but in order to progress, he want to simply throw caution to the wind, also don't always and the past that, respectable but what a pain.
    Previous LinZhiJiang is never to worried about how, but this time he felt different, because they have had is full of 45 years old people, if missed the chance, that is very may be all miss, so in his heart for, he wanted to in the provincial capital group company there for a walk, and many clusters of door, fashion tote bagslet these leadership to know the true to myself to do it.
    "As for what concrete plan I am not very clear, I just to listen to my uncle said, this time to the scope of the move can be very large, and even some projects department and even the whole system to branch out, what else dial, I don't know." LiuMei yuan to help to LinZhiJiang feel very happy, even at told him he and provincial capital group company HuangChunXu minister of planning department relationship, as long as it is to the man to immediate, doing too many things, she also like to.
    Mercredi 9 Novembre 2011 à 04:28
    On Monday morning, Tennessee Titans Jerseysis the headquarters of the routine approach will time, the meeting in eight point three is officially began, and as the class meeting WuFangYuan before a lot of need to submit an expense account information, in command of the financial YeXiaoMin desk.
    At the time YeXiaoMin is busy preparing the annual reports of the material, busy just didn't have time to look up, but she stood in front of the feeling people should be WuFangYuan, then the head also don't lift ground to say: "ZhiHuiChang wu, something it?"
    "Leaves accounting, is some of the stuff used to submit an expense account, blunt I part of you spare some time for help, petty cash, look at it."
    YeXiaoMin make hand casually have doubled in the material said: "but may not have so quickly oh, this two days to do first of financial statements, and you have to wait."
    "That line, Cheap Atlanta Falcons JerseysI put the thing to be put on you here, when you're free for you see, have questions, you can find me." After WuFangYuan with these words, and walked out of the YeXiaoMin office.
    WuFangYuan sort out these material unexpectedly is so fast, can't help letting YeXiaoMin doubt he offers these material has a problem, under the command of some big main project project, she basically or understand, because she is very clear, the owner of the units are now in accordance with the progress of the projects pay, you have not done so much progress, he wants to take money this is difficult, it is completely impossible.
    And just this pile of things, she at a glance saw a sheet of sign after receiving STH is migrant workers pay, she at noon yesterday in the dining hall, it seems as if still hear the LaoXie labor contractor in engineering, said three months did not send the salary migrant workers, has WuFangYuan action so fast,Buffalo Bills Jerseys just yesterday afternoon take three months salary to give ", again carefully see above and resolve the LaoXie sign for the list of the signature, and look at the signature of the LaoXie time or last week, do the labor contractor LaoXie signature also false become? Dizzy, really is dizzy to finish.
    The last time WuFangYuan give her invoice have two zhang is fraudulent votes, don't know where he came from the lane. Now such a rapid speed is fixed, and just caocao a look as though it found problems, and let her feel his these things not false just strange......
    However, Chicago Bears Jerseysshe also see WuFangYuan provide these things which, there are several pen large business receives fee, there were three pen business entertainment expenses, on average every pen is several hundred thousand yuan, this let YeXiaoMin feel very surprised, how can so come out? Because the ten thousand party engineering company business receives fee for use, there are still some specific provision, one of the main provisions, that is every year there are certain limits, command the rules here is a year total business receives fee to not more than 100000 yuan, but now WuFangYuan brought more than the number of things early, but also has far more than, but let YeXiaoMin feel strange, the expense account sign of unexpectedly is the provincial capital ten thousand party group the vice general manager of xiangjiang river, the railway engineering battalion ZhiHuiChang ShenRongLin, this ShenRongLin is when to come of, how she don't know? But, even ShenRongLin personally to WuFangYuan of these documents signed the letter, but he as the headquarters ZhiHuiChang, should also know ten thousand party engineering company and provincial capital ten thousand party group company are also has such regulations ah, such super pay so much business receives fee,Cheap Replica Louis Vuitton once is related to the audit department, then these must be can't pass the, and oneself are affected, but now he can still do, the family has headquarters signed the worthy of the name, from financial system say, a big leadership to sign him, he offered his documents if there are no other problems, this time, you can only do it is giving his, have no good way to be neat beauty.
    It is a good idea of what more, oneself also can't smart to figure out a way to somebody else and two ZhiHuiChang hostile to deputy ah,Cheap Replica Shoes say not nice, say you are just small accounting, how could somebody else and two large leadership alone? ......
    YeXiaoMin and look at the data, the heart thinks: or whatever, so busy these annual report things again say, just just literally see, but she certainly thinks there will be problems of, again nasty and only see things such as a full look at the situation, but those who ShenRongLin signed those business for documents, temporarily no questions, may I listed account, later. As for other some documents, first temporarily puts, and there's a chance, WuFangYuan again for this thing to do round. But the premise is, the bills can't provide false invoices, otherwise she will feel very difficult now.
    YeXiaoMin also looked at these documents in casual, except those related business receives fee material preparation more ready besides, some other specific project is some procedures incomplete; Such as a site for material, cement and steel mold the piece, still lack of relevant technical personnel's signature, the other is to test these invoice true and false. And then the migrant workers payment of salary list,AP Chinese some places have not listed clearly, some of which hold the signature facebook, she also need a phone to confirm, even if she wanted to help him, also want to help in the light of, can't let him go to do anything bad.
    Another is to test these invoice true and false, of course also only go online to check, so many invoice, one by one, and it also really worry not, YeXiaoMin can't help lightly sighed.
    YeXiaoMin is a native of pinghu girl, and the smooth settled in YuWanFang company, started her life of another a journey. In ten thousand party engineering company this mobility unit work, is still relatively a quiet, even is drab. For years she spent in many places, in pinghu stay time is very short, so of the day though drab, but also more full, just set himself to the delay, age also crossed the appalling 30 big shut, became the eyes of the people with female, the YeXiaoMin married also became her mother's heart, as long as it is YeXiaoMin a time back to pinghu, her mother took her to get around to introduce object, but in the YeXiaoMin here, are usually is a "can't find feeling", or "not found a irritating to eyes" and sent, most dear to process, were basically met, the relationship between men and women after be die young.
    In fact she in pinghu stay time and not many, usually three months can rest home about 10 days, but sometimes in order to escape from the mother of those boring to arrange, pinghu also in the dorm to return to stay don't want to go home, in her eyes or a person good, that a people eat satisfied family not hungry feeling so good.
    Just in this project department and WuFangYuan get along with long, she felt more irritating to eyes to his fate, and also in imperceptible in to this better than she small bit of big boy, a little bit more different care, maybe this is what people have often said that's unrequited love. But she also WuFangYuan to some of the practices, hold different opinions, of course, WuFangYuan like to "small temple street BuYeTian" nightclub that kind of place more disgusted.
    At the same time, YeXiaoMin also thought of NaShi last went to the company's financial statements meeting, the meeting about pinghu local tax bureau to ten thousand party company of audit, just in a small projects department, they have found dozens of false invoices, amount as high as 600 yuan, this had to let screamed ah. If the tax bureau according to tax law to a fine, you can die for you and continue to tax bureau is coming to audit the handle affairs personnel is about human nature, to you of self-check, find out the last out of false invoices, to supplement to set a ticket will do.
    Mercredi 9 Novembre 2011 à 04:29
    When the LinZhiJiang heard the yuan LiuMei mention,Chinese language the provincial capital of ten thousand party group company, vice secretary of party HuangJia keep is a collection lovers, and is particularly interested in ancient paintings, even to the extent of the deep crazy about, as long as it is to listen to who said where there is any antique and paintings of what, he will also don't want to what the consequences, ran the scene to direct, it was a rather to antique and not desperately of the Lord.
    The HuangJia keep original LinZhiJiang is the old leadership, but LinZhiJiang also work with him in and the time,Learn Chinese does not know the old leadership there is such a hobby.
    And now finally was able to understand a little himself under the leadership of the old hobby, LinZhiJiang heart not also had a little of his own ideas, because the last time he back to visit the rest in pinghu, accidentally met a painting and calligraphy store female boss, although her the calligraphy and painting shop and no ancient paintings antique what of, they were chatting together, he had to listen to the female boss said know a better collection of antique collectors, YuShiLin zhiqiang is the way to go home to see ideas, indeed, the last time to go home now distance, and has come to more than four months, now LinZhiJiang finally understand that come over, no wonder that day in deep water play chess leisure hotel, he is so * * * to burn, that he is hungry for so long, so a see that woman is like concealed in the eyes of the * * * slouching around,Chinese books not even take immediate out of control, is good, the last of the reason is not completely lost, and finally can do retreats, not easy......
    So, at this time LinZhiJiang has also decided, simply to give ourselves off, let oneself home a kiss agent, conveniently also can release yourself accumulation months of * * *......
    Two days after five o 'clock in the afternoon, the night is still very bright, etc LinZhiJiang back to when pinghu,Chinese bookstore at the peak of the work, a heavy traffic on the road, let pinghu have another kind of style of the noise and bustling.
    The sudden return pinghu, this is LinZhiJiang since to the railway engineering battalion was xiangjiang river since the job, is the first time so cool to give yourself time off, because ZhiHuiChang ShenRongLin hq and vice ZhiHuiChang WuFangYuan were not, so he just and command the chief accountant huang zhi-hong said 1, home have a little something urgent, go back first days, if something is the phone. And he did not give his wife called to tell her, to prepare ourselves when to go back, he just thought of time can give his wife a accident surprise.
    Thought of here,Chinese textbooks on the way back to the office, LinZhiJiang also specially run a supermarket, bought a lot of his wife and son likes to eat vegetables, also specially prepared a bottle of red wine and candles, preparation evening and wife's son candle power dinner together.
    LinZhiJiang from vegetable markets back, carrying food, firm walked on the way home, I thought that I left home so long time, also don't know home now what, can't help from the bottom of a position guilty...... living
    Through some road, and turn several curved, LinZhiJiang is back to his house HuaDou district area.
    Here LinZhiJiang is familiar with idealds couldn't be familiar with, in the ordinary couldn't be common in the community, he and his wife SuYun have been here for nine years, although the last year or two of the time,Chinese books for children because the railway engineering battalion xiangjiang river, after come back time began to less and less.
    LinZhiJiang home in HuaDou district 15 th floor a unit. Room 401. XuZhiJiang on the floor, and the key to open the door.
    Because by this time is still to come off work time, his wife and son SuYun Lin small white are not at home, but LinZhiJiang is specially chose this time to come back, the only way to give his wife SuYun is an unexpected surprise...
    When my wife and son for small white came home, LinZhiJiang has put the food on the table with a wife SuYun love to eat spicy fish, also her love to eat more coke chicken wings. Wife first one leng, then the LinZhiJiang rush toward to surprise her arms, charming yishen kissed his lips, said: "husband, when did you get back, how not to give me a call?"
    Standing at the wife behind the son is small white Lin, let LinZhiJiang almost and deny, people grow taller than in the past, and a little black than in the past, LinZhiJiang holding the wife to step in front of the son also embrace: "son, also know dad?" Say, the eyes of the LinZhiJiang ruddy, so that the whole family in the got together and it was really not easy.
    By this time a family of three in the table sat down, LinZhiJiang opened a bottle of red wine, to SuYun pours a, and then he also pour of full.
    Drink a glass of red wine after his wife, white face more shy segong is colourful, with an almost of hunger looked at her, and then LinZhiJiang just feel already have more than four months and no wife together, he know what she needs, oneself in xiangjiang river three years of county since the care and love for his wife is too little, too little. His look busy with work, ignored her, but she is always very considerate to understand him, and support his work, never thought that will drag the husband back, she needs to each other is long long long, lifetime grace to conjugal love together.
    And they two people settled in the son after, the two talents in the bedroom of the big bed and sat down.
    SuYun homeopathy lying in the LinZhiJiang body, the bird in the same people looked at LinZhiJiang.
    "Husband, you want to me?"
    LinZhiJiang but there was no answer, just deep feeling of looking at the SuYun, put her tightly carry them in his bosom.
    LinZhiJiang heart can feel, the wife SuYun chest that soft and supple and raised * * * ups and downs of shape, and SuYun body sends out the lasting appeal that papa let LinZhiJiang almost can't tremble.
    He also wants to SuYun, they're almost four months didn't meet again, he needs his wife SuYutender feelings appease, need that kind of the opposite sex the taste of ecstasy.
    LinZhiJiang hold SuYun, voracious kissed SuYun, two people are some fool, they don't have any utilitarian love each other, let the body and and get * * * melts.
    LinZhiJiang looked at his wife SuYun smooth delicate body, the "S" shape MiaoMan curve let her ketone body full of temptation, LinZhiJiang very appreciate SuYun figure, although she also quick to 40 years old, but that figure or engaging, captivating.
    The heart of the thirsty desire, let two people in bed on a love of symphony, and for a moment LinZhiJiang waves in chung experience love, for a while SuYun at the bottom of a harmonious moaning sounds, like a piece of MiaoMan violin pieces, the chord as perfect deduce harps.
    Their life seems to be in that instant solidification, the graceful feeling they forget all the world, and in their love mew, only two single exchange heart in tightly joint, let little other thoughts into meet ganci agni in burning in soul and body, let each other of the individual life because of love but radiant......
    SuYun like LinZhiJiang character temperament, his body of each place, in SuYun appeared to be as perfect,Chinese story books
    LinZhiJiang some quiet connotation, also mingled with the individual character is bold and unrestrained, all this let SuYun enjoy the pleasure of a woman, she is very satisfied.
    LinZhiJiang such as they couples put two people so long after the personal problems solved, LinZhiJiang just and his wife SuYun say a information, I heard that the group company ready to in the ten thousand party in engineering adjust cadre, I also want to have a thought preparation.
    Mercredi 9 Novembre 2011 à 06:07
    The wing, two pale young cross legs and sit, eyes closed and be a road to the power of the sword hanging together, apparently in healing.
    And one of the XuanSe a road to the power of the sword from the raging out of body,Ottawa Senators Jerseys and then into a stream of vast and heavy energy infiltration into the body, gradually fusion into the meridians, slowly treatment themselves injury.
    In addition to one of a series of xuan purple in the power of the sword hangs over the whole body,cheap Vancouver Canucks Jerseys using the power of the earth the meridians cure broken, recover strength.
    Two people even have seriously, and pale, but can't hide the two men send out the puffs of threatening heroic spirit. And cross legs apart the two people sit down, just like the previous day is from the valley of XiaoLing of heaven and clearing day two people.
    XiaoLing day two people in the middle is brazenly in uniting the up and restore our own strength, and treatment of his injury. Here is the sword door, with LiXingDao this a sword to the existence of the peak, and finally is safe, Phoenix Coyotes Jerseysdo not need to worry about. So the environment, it is the best time to grieve.
    Came to the door of the wing, LiXingDao full faces is excited at the body is in the sitting room wearing the wait is blood, but threatening heroic spirit the healing XiaoLing days and close the clearing day two people, a full face of delighted to say: "good Zhi, when heard is destroyed, the day the valley home is the news of the MieMen siew, uncle I but really worried about you! Right, your father's sword crazy eldest brother? Washington Capitals JerseysDoesn't he come back from the sword god of contact xiao island home crisis?"
    At the moment of LiXingDao full faces is sincere, completely is no affectation, completely is the truth is revealed, sincere abnormalities. From early childhood, LiXingDao but looking at XiaoLing last big, the uncle of a sound is taken for granted.San Jose Sharks Jerseys And, LiXingDao a little not understand, xiao xiao jian crazy this home has a ninja team top one foot into the realm of existence of Kings, even four top kendo affiliation wants to destroy shaw home, that is not possible.
    But, seems to have been to the valley of the day destroy, xiao sons home slaughter, and even a Confucian ji xiao days such as one fairy siew home was killed the brain, everything, seem to have xiao jian crazy figure, this let LiXingDao think seem a little too weird.
    While sitting in a chair XiaoLing days and the rest recuperate clearing day two people see LiXingDao quickly walked in, XiaoLing day is directly go forward, eyes with a wipe tears, excitedly say: "uncle, shaw, the two days out of home was destroyed. My father, is also not been found, life and death, Cheap Toronto Maple Leafs Jerseysnephew't to know! This time, hope to uncle can accommodate us, let us have a hiding place. My nephew must strive to practice for my home MieMen siew, revenge!!!!!"
    Say, XiaoLing day in the eyes of the two strands of tears is left.Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys Once the ninja team is the peak of the families of the continent's most comparable with four top branches of the house of the Lord siew less, once upon a time will have so of situation of? MieMen massacre, father's not been found, let this one was used to glory in the life XiaoLing day to see relatives in general LiXingDao uncle is direct cried out.
    Mercredi 9 Novembre 2011 à 07:13
    Hear XiaoLing day after word, LiXingDao with joy face started to appear a put on a dignified, with a light from the eyes of melancholy is flash. If he really will XiaoLing day two people to stay words, the four top kendo branches will surely come star sword door leaders, by that time, he is really in the middle.
    Leave, or not to leave?
    This really is a very important question, dilemma. Kindness is the side of righteousness, one side is own Pope door live, both really hard to choose. Although XiaoLing day is he looked at grew, and the door is completely on the sword siew home to will have today, cheap Atlanta Thrashers Jerseys wholesale from chinabut the sword and door thousands of the life of the disciple is master in his hand.
    Was the LiXingDao hesitant, suddenly heard XiaoLing day that is full of cried out to the full of desire for voice, Buffalo Sabres Jerseyslooked up and saw XiaoLing day two people to face to looking at his eyes, the in the mind a decision.
    When LiXingDao just commanded good star mourinho settled in XiaoLing day two people, Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseysand have a disciple went to sitting room door to wait; said, blood jian door less blood in the gate of the Lord door sought outside.
    The mood of a slightly remove LiXingDao a listen to, will know that there must be XiaoLing blood to day two people and come, immediately, the color of hesitate again in his face, he is now in what should not hesitate to two people give you up. After all, cheap New York Rangers JerseysXiaoLing days and two people hate the blood, he also is very clear.
    And then, LiXingDao turned had commanded the reporting disciple, said: "star,Dallas Stars Jerseys you will please Ming down blood less deliberation, the door to the hall for the teacher to say later!"
    If because impatient to walk, that killed the best chance XiaoLing day will be missed. If not for the XiaoLing days were badly hurt, a sort of a haven't may heal, blood there also won't come out after XiaoLing day, after all, than his border XiaoLing days are higher,Colorado Avalanche Jerseys even more is the feel of the ninja team massive, the power of heaven's pressure, so many means together, want to shall strike him is not easy.
    Even LiXingDao had not thought that, blood there actually go, St. Louis Blues Jerseysit will come, and there is no as star sword door is one thing. Now, however, LiXingDao also really can't take blood there what, even wish he really have to hurry. And, the sword of the door is the door before blood jian, a small second-rate Pope door, root even if not that way.
    Mercredi 9 Novembre 2011 à 07:14
    Looking at the seems to dare not liars LiXingDao, blood there coldly a smile,
    Edmonton Oilers Jerseys ferocious face fierce evil spirit of the gas surges, proud to say: "lee door Lord, I dare you to!!!!! But, XiaoLing day two people really didn't come?"
    He turns again to ask, kill him a HuiMaQiang. People in the first reaction of time, Los Angeles Kings Jerseysalways not deceive people. As long as let him see a little bit of the clue, that he will be able to figure it out.
    Facing the blood the ends of the earth suddenly turn asked, such as iron mountain LiXingDao set of smooth face aren without any fluctuations, still said with a smile: "no, shaw family never comes. Blood door less Lord, if xiao what came to my home monstrous sons door, the door star sword Lord will keep him, will they deal with less to the door!"
    Facing the LiXingDao compromises, blood there with a face that with the upper of the colour of the-calms the more dense, even with a threat, replied: "I think li door is a clutch of Lord, believe that will not let the door less difficult, hope the door I didn't lie to Lord lee!Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys Then, shaw's monstrous sons to come to the door seek asylum sword, it would hope lee door promises, will the Lord they left in our blood jian door."
    However, the blood there just say that finish, and our strong ground jian general send out out, looking for XiaoLing day two people flavor. After all, just now he didn't in came in is to immediately release to general jian is the fear LiXingDao will begin. Now,cheap Montreal Canadiens Jerseys wholesale from china LiXingDao since is well, he certainly is not the goal.
    But, when he was just will land from the general jian send out the hall, original face with a smile of LiXingDao started to coldly snorted, cheap New York Rangers Jerseyscoldly say: "is the Lord not believe less blood door? Actually, li mou blatant release general observation, when is the sword that we star is you blood jian jian door the back garden of the door?"
    Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys
    Be LiXingDao so a drink, the face of a black blood, instantly spread out of the back to general jian, quick to say: "good, lee door, the Lord really has heroism, I believe you once, just hope lee door Lord says is true, otherwise, it, don't blame me blood turned against the sword door ruthless! Go now, lee door the Lord!"
    Even LiXingDao had not thought that, blood there actually go, it will come, and there is no as star sword door is one thing. Now, however, LiXingDao also really can't take blood there what, even wish he really have to hurry. And, the sword of the door is the door before blood jian, a small second-rate Pope door, root even if not that way.
    A teacher of the ninja team is super high can easily JiangXing sword door to put out,New Jersey Devils Jerseys this is why the blood so proud, a defiant reason.
    Just, who also don't know, what blood there is really should go or not go!
    Mercredi 16 Novembre 2011 à 07:22


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    The door suddenly opened her heart about that his throat, standing outside the original is no longer between her lover, Mao Jie Now only two of us, I can lie arbitrarily, can not scruple to compile the various explanations, but also continue to angry gesture in the end! - Other people is my classmate, graduated from college back home we divided seen more than a year, and others to Beijing to see how my friends! You came to me this attitude Gan Minger students to let us know we do not properly joke! I leave you to face what you are hurt you, ah? Ning Zhong look at me askance, and then looked in the house without a word to view, turn east looking west, like to find out what evidence of adultery The woman is the week go on to Youyou lawyer I tried to avoid thinking about those days, to avoid asking themselves, to avoid feelings of your heart and try to figure out the depth I went back sandwiched bag, sat down beside the peace of mind, she looked up inadvertently looked at me stunned Child about a year old, and has next to Britain in the run

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    She has no control over his laughing, struggling, on this side of the twisting the body over there. The original be * * * laughter is also to the human life!!!!! The arch is he the itch up is really scratching the marrow is a sad, Compressed Air FilterYunNi wish immediately with a knife JiYang unbearable yourself a tong arch, or find a stick chuo chuo will much better, but she can't save yourself, LiuYang restrain her legs and feet. Her smile of tears dc, seems happy to cry too....... The original smile of so much is not necessarily happy, also may be the pain!

    She laughing so gradually to the collapse.

    "Aha aha ha ha ha ha ha............ LiuYang, you, you fucking piss me off! Woo blare ......" The YunNi grit your teeth and stopped laughing, Air Dryerinjustice of swore loudly rude words, nasty crying.

    "Ah YouYou you scold me?? Why are you crying?" LiuYang heard her bristle and crying, busy down her feet, surprised to wipe YunNi come back the eyeful tears.

    "Don't touch me!" YunNi push his hand and a face of angry.

    "Lovely, don't be angry? I can't join you next time so make." LiuYang know she was angry, had to accompany with a smiling face coax her.

    "You want me to life? Why endless tickle my arch?Water Chiller Don't you know know smile too too much will also smile dead?" YunNi tough he reprimand angrily to a phone.

    "Wife, I'm sorry! I joke... If you still angry, I'd follow the wife of your disposal."

    "Really? Are you really willing to what do you follow me?"

    "Yes! My wife. I am willing to do a play for the wife, Compressed Air Dryerthe ash tai long you do cattle horse! You beat me is, I also don't strike back, scold me, I will not open you want me to do I how to do. As long as the wife you can not renewable angry with me."
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